Startup Company Profiles

Founder : Rohit Prasad

Easebuzz is an online platform which allows merchants (sellers) to come on-board & create their own digital shop/web store to sell their products online. You can create your digital web-store in 2 minutes with just 2 KYC documents on Easebuzz.

Founder : Roli Pandey and Moitreyee Goswami

ZUCATE is an INTERACTIVE, COMPREHENSIVE, MULTILINGUAL, VISUAL LEARNING web and mobile-based platform in K-12 segment that assists students in their school curriculum. To support the school curriculum, we have developed AUGMENTED REALITY based learning experience and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE based ANALYTICS that provides customization suited to the student’s intellect and grasp.

Founder : Subhanjoy Roy

"Envirevo" provides a composite platform for environmental evolution. Primary operations of Envirevo include solid waste management and manufacturing of Bio-CNG and Bio-fertilizer. It is one of those rare establishments, which is committed to solving the current problems of the environment and striving for evolved strategy innovation for healthier future.

Founder : Salman Sheikh

MetaFix Ortho offers custom rehabilitation products in mobility, orthotics and cosmetic solutions. Using the latest technology, we offer the best suitable solution for peoples need. MetaFix Ortho helps you deliver you out-of-the-box solutions and provides you a limitless living experience.

Founder : Parul Khare
Application Name : Comunica

DKPR is a learning and training solution provider using innovative learning experiences to increase the productivity of employees. Comunica, a mobile application, is a one stop digital solution for all corporate employees to provide Corporate Communication, Organisational Trainings and Social Engagement for all employees on real time basis.

Founder : Ketaki Deshapande and Jaydeep Deshpande<< /h6>
Application Name : Dalimbmitra

Taral Infotech is an IT service provider which helps businesses go social. Taral Infotech is an expert in building online social communities for businesses at a lightning-fast speed. Taral Infotech uses plug and play models to build communities to make it simpler for end-users as well as for developers who build and maintain them.

Founder : Ashish Pawar

AtomsAlive is a power electronics company, providing innovative technological product solutions in fast charging power delivery for consumer & industrial electronics industry. The product offerings include innovating ultra-fast charging solutions for smartphones; accessories viz. power banks, wearable technology devices, smart watches, Bluetooth headphones, battery operated kitchen, health and personal care appliances.

Founder : Dinyar Mehta

Crowd Share is a real estate investment management company whose aim is to reduce the pain and increase transparency in property investment by making available pre-vetted properties to individual investors while increasing access to capital to smaller builders. The vision of the firm is to be a global stock exchange for property all over the world by creating a stock exchange-like platform which would issue units against the listed properties.

Founder :Devarsh Mehta and Siddharth Mehta
Application Name : WeMi

Teco Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is coming up with a mobile application “WeMi” specially made for millennials and university students. It is an offers aggregator of places where millennials will be interested in going and things they are willing to buy, WeMi focus on making life of millennials more social by connecting them to new people and keep them engaged by creating new contents.

Founder : Jay Makwana
Application Name : TakeMePlaces

TakeMePlaces, the brand name of parent company Infinix Trips Pvt Ltd is a social travel company for millennials. Travellers from all across India can come solo or bring friends along to join a bigger group which then travels together across the globe by public transport & staying in hostels. This creates a like-minded environment, at the same time makes the trip more social and cost-effective.

Founder : Shishir Vaidya
Application Name : MumSmile

MumSmile is a women wellness and pregnancy care program. We want to minimize the complications during pregnancy amongst Indian Urban women. We provide a certain service that takes care of an expectant mother's physical fitness needs, stress and anxiety management, and emotional wellbeing.

Founder : Rahul Jain

The start-up is working in the vision technologies applying in various industries. Starting with Jewellery and Real Estate Khabya Infratech is focussed on AR/VR/MR technology development. It has completed the POC of the product now is on the verge of launching the BETA version of the product to go live with nearly 100 jewellery stores.

Founder : Avishek Gupta and Mihir Gambhir

The start-up is based on a Hyperlocal aggregation model for Traditional Saloons and Beauty Parlors. It is an application based solution for Consumers to connect with Beauty Parlor/Salons.

Founder : Rishabh Shukla
Application Name: Zwing

Zwing, a B2C module startup by Roxfort Technologies, is an vPOS (Virtual Point of Sale) service which provides a self-checkout alternative to overcome the shortcomings of offline shopping. The self-checkout feature works on the app by scan and pay method; scanning the product's barcode, adding them to cart and paying through any contemporary mode of payment.

Founder : Monika Marshetti
Application Name: Zillions Buyer

Zillions buyer is a SAAS Based Online platform for buying and selling of industrial product, it provides Real-time Availability of product from sellers.

Founder : Shubham Munjal and Pravin Pandey

SPV Onsers Private Limited is an ambulance service for vehicles (two and four wheelers both), from 24*7 Emergency Breakdown Service to Normal Vehicle Service it provides customer with all their vehicle solution.

Founder : Ravindra Joshi

Nettoyer Automotives provides services in the clean energy sector such as Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The Start-up believes in providing eco-friendly mode of travelling their daily distances. The start-up is providing PHEV Kits to the cars. This will enable the customers to cover their daily distances in electric mode.

Founder : Mangesh Thokal

Sunraj Infotech Solution deal in IoT hardware trading and supply of customized automation according to requirement. The start-up plans to enter the market of Educational and Industrial WoT (Web of things) for which they have made the prototype ready and will proceed with the further refinement and the launch.

Founder : Chintan Patel and Nisarg Shah

Meyome is brand providing countryside travel experiences with essence of simplicity. Their aim to let customer experience localised lifestyle. They have presence in 6 villages of Maharashtra with cumulative staying capacity of 350 people.

Founder : Swapneil Sonawane

Ritesourcing Technologies’ primary focus is on Internet of Things. According to a survey on average, retail consumers believe that 5 to 10 minutes is the maximum acceptable amount of time that they are prepared to wait in a line. The Start-up have developed a IOT device to eradicate the problem of waiting in a queue at the checkout counter.

Founder : Sameer Kolhatkar
Application Name: Chip-in

Chip-in is a mobile application which will measure and reward individual’s efforts toward reducing their vehicular carbon footprint, by incentivizing them to adopt to sustainable transportation solutions. It aims at promoting Low Carbon Transport in India. The app will maintain a log of daily travel, mode of travel and total energy saved by its users, individually and collectively, thus indicating the reduction of carbon deposit.

Founder : Rishabh Agarwal
Startup Name: Soul Food Café

Soul Food Cafe is a brand which believes in bringing not only food which is delicious but also takes care of the health aspects required on a daily basis at affordable rates.

Founder : Saharsh Vyas

Valk Up Private Limited is currently working on prototype of creating a cigarette detector walk by equipment, it is specially targeting the places where smoking is not allowed for example Malls, College hostels, No smoking zones.

Founder : Akshay Vachhani

DineFine is a second tier food-tech start up. The Start-up offer services and security which are designed for individual and everyday use thus offering services which will not only help 30% of urban population who eat all their meal outside everyday but will also help regular people quit cooking.