Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR Contributions can be made to Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship (SCEI) as per Companies Act 2013. As a corporate, you can now make CSR contributions to and also conduct CSR activities with SCEI.

Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013, mandates corporates of certain financial size to spend 2% of their profits towards Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.

“Contributions and funds, provided to technology Incubators located within academic institutions which are approved by the Central Government”, is listed (no. ix) among “Activities which may be included by companies in their Corporate Social Responsibility Policies”

(Notification dated 27 February 2014 by the Ministry of Corporate affairs ( along with the original schedule VII (

Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is within the Symbiosis International (Deemed University). SCEI is recognized as a Technology Business Incubator by the Government of India, Department of Science and Technology (DST), National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) under its NIDHI/TBI scheme ( by their TBI Sanction Order no. 32/06/2017-NEB(C and G) . Symbiosis International (Deemed University) is established under the Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956, in the year 2002. Symbiosis is recognized and highly rated among the top 100 universities in India ( by the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) of the Ministry of Human Resource Department, Government of India.

SCEI will use your CSR contributions to conduct activities that promote the entrepreneurship and innovation quotient in the startup ecosystem: a high-focus priority of the nation. These activities include providing facilities and support to startups incubating with us, making state-of-the-art technology available to incubating startups, organizing entrepreneurship evangelization and guidance programs in the ecosystem, training members of the ecosystem including first-time startup investors, startups, mentors and even incubators. The beneficiaries of these nation-building activities would not pay sufficiently to cover the costs of these activities, hence the CSR money would be well-spent here. SCEI appreciate CSR contributors and will ensure good publicity to their support through various media and events.