Design Thinking Zone

Design Thinking is at the core of developing any new product or service. At SCEI, we believe in the basic assumption that Everyone can Innovate and facilitate the innovation process with a focus on empathy.

Design Thinking Zone / Design Thinking Lab at SCEI is a flexible workspace developed to brainstorm ideas, practice lateral thinking and facilitate the new ways of doing things. The Design thinking zone is equipped with tools, puzzles, games and soft tools to enable the innovators to work in a flexible manner and have healthy debates as well.

Prototyping Lab

It’s vital to provide tools and equipment to innovators to enable them to convert their ideas into reality. SCEI Prototyping Lab houses Eight state of the art 3D Printers (ABS, PLA, Onyx, Nylon,) PCB Milling machine and basic fabrication equipment and tools.

The lab is well equipped with advanced 3D Printing Technologies from Stratasys, Zortrax and MarkForged. It also has 3 in 1 – SNAPMAKER which enables 3D Printing, laser Cutting and engraving on the same machine.

Technology Lab

The Technology lab includes the software support, digital technology infrastructure and hardware workstation to enable fabrication and electronics assembly using AI, IOT and advanced design technologies.

The lab has Nvidia DGX Server with high power computing capability and also high-end computing machines and laptops to enable the innovators to work on advanced development software/ design software.